121 ft Yacht with 478 kWh COBRA Battery System

Compact Marine LFP Battery Systems

Marine batteries as energy storage and power supply for propulsion significantly reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions. With improved capacity-to-weight ratio from lithium-ion technology and growing demand for lower emissions, batteries have become an ever-increasingly attractive option for the large-scale supply of energy in the maritime sector.

Introducing the COBRA battery system

COBRA properties

  • Highest safety level due to inherent safe LFP battery chemistry
  • No cell to cell propagation in case of thermal runaway
  • Environmental friendly cobalt-free battery
  • Compact and light-weight battery system with superior energy density
  • Modular rack design with battery racks in different height configurations
  • Freely scalable from 11 kWh to several MWh
  • Up to 94 kWh and 1,000 V DC per battery rack
  • Battery clusters with up to 16 battery racks and 1 control cabinet
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS)
  • Flexible interface to the power management system (CanBus, ModBus or others)
  • DNV Type Approval
  • Complies with ESTRIN (IEC 62619 & IEC 62620)


  • Electric drives
  • Hybrid drives
  • Emergency power supply
  • Peak shaving
  • Hotel load
  • Load levelling
  • Energy storage

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