Introducing the CUBE battery system

Introducing the CUBE battery system

When it comes to providing sufficient battery power on board ships the factor of space availability can be a tough nut to crack. A flexible stacking of battery modules can make a difference and provide the most energy density in the battery room.

With that in mind, the team of Lehmann Marine developed a battery system with a superior energy density that can be stacked very flexibly for optimum use of space. The CUBE is of compact and modular design and incorporates an innovative air-cooling technology that ensures uniform cooling of all cells for the highest cycle life.

Any scale of power storage is available by freely configuring modular units in strings of up to 1,000 VDC. They include an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), gas exhaust and pre-charge functionality. The CUBE system is scalable from a few kWh to several MWh.

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells and a permanent monitoring by Battery Management System on cell, module and string level guarantees the highest standards for safety. LFP battery chemistry does not catch fire during thermal runaway, short-circuit or mechanical damage which makes the CUBE like all Lehmann Marine battery systems a high-quality solution for the use at sea where safety is essential.

The new CUBE battery system will first be shown to the public during the electric & hybrid marine expo in Amsterdam from June 20-22 at the Lehmann Marine stand (#5012).

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