Offering the COBRA battery system and more

Lehmann Marine offers the COBRA battery system and develops further maritime energy solutions

The COBRA („Compact Battery Rack“) battery system, which is freely scalable and tailored to maritime requirements, is successfully utilized in the shipping industry for the hybridization or electrification of vessels. Initially developed by Becker Marine Systems, COBRA has now been incorporated into Lehmann Marine, which was founded on January 1st, 2023.

Lehmann Marine is a subsidiary of the Family Office Höpen GmbH, which continues to be a shareholder in Becker Marine Systems and eCap Marine. Höpen GmbH and thus also the Lehmann family remain shareholders in Becker Marine Systems and are now also involved in the innovative product COBRA.

The managing directors of Lehmann Marine are Godehard Gauf and Alexander Lehmann. „After we pushed ahead with the development of COBRA at Becker Marine Systems over the past six years, the product stands on its own two feet,“ says Godehard Gauf. Not only will the proven technology be a part of the new company – all 19 employees working in the COBRA division will be employed at Lehmann Marine. „We are also already looking for more staff, especially for production at our location just south of Hamburg,“ says Alexander Lehmann.

Used in inland waterway and sea-going vessels for emission-free drives, the COBRA battery system is enjoying ever-growing demand, echoing the market potential of this well-proven battery product. The work boat “Chicago” of Hamburg Port Authority was recently fitted with the COBRA system at the Hitzler shipyard in Lauenburg. In addition to successfully completed orders such as the hybrid ferry „Liinsand“ and a tourist passenger ship, numerous other projects are already in an advanced phase.

COBRA offers the advantages of a compact design with free scalability while meeting the highest safety standards thanks to the LFP cell technology used (“Lithium Ferro Phosphate”). The battery system is also attractive in terms of price, as it is freely scalable from a few kWh to several MWh due to the modular design - a COBRA battery rack can be equipped with up to eight battery modules and offers a capacity of 94 kWh per rack.

In addition to the proven COBRA battery system, Lehmann Marine is already developing other innovative, environmentally friendly energy solutions “Made in Germany” for the maritime sector. The company is convinced of the increasingly important contribution of emission-free battery systems to green shipping.

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