Hybrid workboat Chicago of HPA equipped with 423 kWh COBRA Battery System
Example configuration of a COBRA compact battery system with 423 kWh
Yacht of 121ft length equipped with a 478 kWh COBRA Battery System
Introducing the flexible, modular and safe CUBE battery system with advanced energy density

Compact and safe marine LFP battery systems

Marine batteries as energy storage and power supply for propulsion significantly reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions. With improved capacity-to-weight ratio from lithium-ion technology and growing demand for lower emissions, batteries have become an ever-increasingly attractive option for the large-scale supply of energy in the maritime sector.

The compact COBRA battery system

The flexible CUBE battery system

About Lehmann Marine and battery systems made in Germany

With the founding of Lehmann Marine a new supplier of innovative maritime energy solutions such as the well-known COBRA and the new CUBE battery systems entered the maritime market in 2023. COBRA was developed by Becker Marine Systems and has now been incorporated into Lehmann Marine. The company is a subsidiary of the Family Office Höpen GmbH, which continues to be a shareholder in Becker and eCap Marine.

„After we pushed ahead with the development of COBRA at Becker over the past six years, the product stands on its own two feet,“ says technical director Godehard Gauf. And the demand in the maritime market for battery solutions is growing. „We are looking for more staff, especially for production at our location just south of Hamburg,“ says Alexander Lehmann, managing director of Lehmann Marine.